Sunday, February 08, 2009


It got really cold last week - temps dropped down into the low 30's here. I covered my plants Tuesday night and just uncovered them this morning. I hope our little cold spell is over for good, but we will most likely have another one or two before Spring arrives. My thin Florida native blood doesn't like the cold and it seems that I never have enough warm clothes in my closet for these little inconveniences. Good grief, I live in Florida and shouldn't have to have a winter coat! Sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

I covered my plants Tuesday night and uncovered them this morning. They are just fine, such little troopers they are! Sowing more lettuce seed today, along with some dill, parley and nasturtiums. I have to go get more dirt to fill my half barrel containers, so a trip to Lowe's is also on today's to-do list. I am still wanting to put a flower bed in the front yard and fill it with cosmos, zinnias and sunflowers. I also want to plant some flowers in the back yard too if I can find the time to do it. I am a member of and love the forums there, especially the Florida Gardening and Garden Junk boards. The GJ board inspired me to create a garden "totem" as a decorative accent and I liked the first one pretty well so I made a second one too. They will add a little interest and perhaps the colors will attract some birds and butterflies. I haven't actually put them in the garden yet, I have to find the perfect spot for each of them first. What do you think of them? I have so many little "things" sitting around and in boxes that I just had to have at one time or another; I am trying to find an alternative use for them and these totems let me put a few things to good use. I used aquarium sealant to attach everything together and it is holding up well. Other people use different kinds of adhesives, I bought several kinds too and will be testing them to compare. If you decide to make one, please share a picture, I'd love to see it!