Sunday, January 18, 2009

A chill in the air, and time to make soap.

We have had a cold snap here in Southwest Florida. Of course it's nothing like the frigid temperatures that most of the country is experiencing, but to me it's pretty darn chilly and I want my mid-70's back. I covered all my plantlets Wednesday night and uncovered them today, they needed a little water but were not hurt by the cold at all. The Buttercrunch and Romaine lettuces are growing very nicely, it's been a long time since I grew lettuce with success. We do eat a lot of salad so it's nice to grow our own greens for it. I got some tomato plants from a friend the other day, German Queen is one of the varieties. His plants are doing well and are full of fruits and I hope to have a good crop myself. If I can grow enough tomatoes I want to can, dry and freeze some for the summer as it will be too hot here for them to produce. I know there are a couple of varieties that are very heat tolerant and I may try a few plants this summer, but if they don't do well I will have a second source for tomato goodness.

I will be making heart shaped soaps for Valentine's Day this week. I think a few scents like Vanilla Spice, Strawberries & Cream, Secret Whisper and Midnight Jasmine will be lovely for the gift baskets I am planning. They will also include massage melts, scented flower petals, candles and a bottle of scented massage oil. How romantic and enticing does that sound? I'd love to receive something like this as a gift instead of the usual flowers or chocolate. If you would like to order a gift basket for Valentine's Day or any other special occasion that calls for a little romance and sensuality, please email me for details.

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