Saturday, January 09, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well it's been another busy two months! One of my resolutions for 2010 is to be more frequently consistent with my blog. I think I am going to put it on my calendar, that should help immensely. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Emily and I drove to Tennessee to visit family and friends, it was a long drive and it was cold the entire time we were there. I stayed cold just about 24 hours a day. It was wonderful to see my family and visit with some great friends I hadn't seen in nine years, I missed them more than I realized. Hubby got to come in for Christmas too and Emily really enjoyed seeing him. He was here just after Thanksgiving for 4 days but now we probably won't see him until mid-March when he comes down for Emily's birthday. We have spent this week trying to recover from the trip and get back in our routine. Still not 100% there yet, hopefully this next week will have us both back to normal.

It's cold here in Florida. Very cold! I do not like the cold weather and we are having an extended bout of it. Not your usual two or three day thing and then it's back in the 70's - there'll be none of that, thank you very much! The weatherman said the other night that we haven't had this long of a cold spell (temps in the 30's at night and not above 70 during the day) since the 1930's. I certainly don't remember anything like this when I was growing up here! The farmers are trying to save as much of their vegetable and citrus crops as they can but it's been difficult. They are saying that the price of veggies will rise at the grocery stores because some crops have been damaged, so be on the lookout for that. Florida produces 90% of the country's vegetables in the winter so this is going to affect a lot of produce. Just another reason to consider planting your own garden.

I wanted to post pics of my garden progress; I even told you I would in my last post. But alas, my digital camera has become obsolete and I have yet to buy a new one. It's an Olympus that is about 10 years old and it needed a new memory card - they don't make them anymore and I'm not going to search all over the Internet to find some that are reasonably priced. My cell phone camera doesn't do a good job so I'm waiting until February when I can buy a new one - still haven't decided what one I'm going to get yet. Have to do a little more research first. Things are growing in the garden but it does need some help. My lettuce was doing great until we went on vacation, it needed a little more water than what it got. So I will replant as soon as it warms up. The radishes are almost ready to harvest and the chives, basil, dill and oregano are growing very well. I am sowing cilantro, pepper and tomato seeds next week. I'm really wanting to try potatoes but don't know if I will be that ambitious this season. I have some new soaps planned for 2010 and hope to be in my own manufacturing space by the end of next month. School starts back for me on January 14th and I am looking forward to that too. I am taking an Introduction to Business class that looks interesting and challenging, plus Intro to CAD and Visual Communication. My first semester grades were pretty good - two A's, a B and a C (in math, of course). I am happy with that and aiming for straight A's this semester. It's going to be a busy year; I wish all of you a happy, productive and prosperous 2010!

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