Monday, February 22, 2010

We finally had a truly warm day yesterday; I think it was only our second or third one since my last post. I am so ready for our wonderful Florida weather to come back and stay so I can really get out in the garden. I bought some great heirloom peppers and tomatoes from my friends (and former high school band director) at Our Garden Patch in North Fort Myers. In the tomato department, I got a Dillard's Cherry, Cherokee Black, Beefheart and German Pink. I bought two pepper plants; a Bird pepper and a Peter pepper. I also have a Celebrity tomato plant from the farmers market. I spotted tiny green fruits on the Dillard's Cherry yesterday and literally squealed with delight! I am going to be planting some flower seeds to go along with my veggies and herbs this year including Violet Queen giant zinnia and three kinds of sunflowers, which are one of my favorite flowers. It's been too cold to get the cucumbers planted so that's also on my gardening to-do list for this week. What are you going to plant in your garden this spring, and for all you warm climate and brave winter gardeners, what are you growing now?

I received the prettiest necklaces in the mail last Friday from Lana Manis of Honeysuckle Lane, aren't they beautiful? Lana creates such wonderful things; I wore the Dear Dolly necklace yesterday and got some nice compliments. Thanks so much Lana, your package made my day! This week I am eagerly waiting on some soap supplies to arrive so I can make soap for a festival I'm doing next month. I am ramping up production and looking for a few other items to add to my soap selections. One of my high school classmates, Colleen Groot, is a glass and mosaic artist. She makes a variety of beautiful items for your home and garden, including soap dishes. We are working on a collaboration of my soap and her soap dishes, and I am quite excited about that! I hope to have a few at my booth; they would make a lovely gift with a couple of bars of soaps setting in them and tied up with a pretty ribbon. I have a few other irons in the fire and this semester's classes are keeping me quite busy too. I wake up every morning and wonder what good things the day will bring. I wish all of you a very good week!

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