Saturday, December 06, 2008

A visit to our farmers market.

I went to our local farmers market today for the first time this season. I am not in love with this market, even though I had a booth there with my soaps three seasons ago. I did "fair" with my sales; the market customers just weren't used to handmade soap and never really warmed up to it...that is why I don't have a booth there anymore.

The market has a good number of vendors this year but some of them are pretty out of place in my opinion. For example, there is a lady selling Avon, another vendor selling several different brands of flip-flops and sandals, a real estate agent, and few others that wouldn't be allowed in a "traditional" market. "Oh well", I mused to myself as I set out to find some truly homegrown veggies for our table this week. One of my favorite vendors is still at the market; his name is Jeff and he owns Venus Veggies. He and his family grow lots of delicious things - all sorts of lettuces, greens, radishes, herbs and other vegetables. I bought organically grown white radishes, red radishes, butternut squash and acorn squash. I also bought a nice bunch of arugula, a head of romaine lettuce and Boston bibb lettuce. He has some lovely herb plants including pineapple sage, orange mint, bay and allspice trees. I didn't get any of his plants today, but some of them are calling my name and may come home with me next Saturday. At another booth I got fresh "Peaches and Cream" corn, very large plum tomatoes (I've never seen any this big at the grocery store), cucumbers and big, round "cherry" tomatoes. These are the ones that are packaged in the hard plastic containers in the produce section and are sort of expensive; down here they are called Campari tomatoes (that may be the brand) and they are four dollars for about twelve tomatoes. I got three pints for three dollars which was an excellent price. They may have blackberries next Saturday - I will be there bright and early to see if they do.

Tomorrow for Sunday dinner we are having chicken, corn on the cob with cayenne lime butter, salad and I'm not sure what else, but I do know it will be delicious! Do you have a farmers market where you live? Do you shop there? I would love to hear about yours!

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